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Subject: Re: [dita] C/T/R Not Universal (was problem with packaging ofglossaries)

On 8/24/09 12:35 PM, "Ann Rockley" <rockley@rockley.com> wrote:

> I think we need to take a deep breath here and everyone calm down. I agree
> that the market for publishing use cases is greater than that of TD and so
> is BusDocs. And yes they are all topic oriented in some way or another and
> there are many advantages of using DITA vs custom or DocBook as you have
> indicated in your response.
> The concern BusDocs has in relegating task, concept, reference and glossary
> to TD ONLY when there are potentially other uses in materials outside of TD.

Sorry--got a little wound up.

The packaging of the various modules doesn't affect their utility or
usability as specialization bases, it just affects where you might go for
documentation or how to manage your dependencies in terms of what zip files
you might need to have on hand to set up a development environment or
configure a working production environment.

But in practice, assuming you're using a Toolkit with all the
standard-defined modules included, everything you need is already there.

Which is why I was certainly more focused on the classification aspect of
the packages, rather than their practical implications (because there aren't
really any practical implementations).

For example, my publishing clients will often be using both maps and
specializations that include topic types from all over the place, including
the Tech Doc modules (e.g., glossary, task, reference). It doesn't make
things any easier or hard for me to have them packaged in one place or



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