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Subject: Conref push in a DITA map?

I've drafted an article about conref push for the DITA Adoption 
Committee. Seth Park, Elliot Kimber, and Paul Grosso were kind enough to 
review it.

One of Elliot's comments led to a discussion about whether or not conref 
push works at a DITA map level.

    * The use case in the original proposal
      focuses entirely on pushing content into an existing DITA topic.

    * The most recent draft of the DITA 1.2 documentation
      explicitly defines the @conaction attribute as an attribute that
      "allows user to push content from one topic into another."

    * The @conaction attribute *is* available for <topicref> elements,
      although pushing content into a DITA map does not work with the
      DITA OT (milestone 17).

Should conref push work at the DITA map level?



Kristen James Eberlein

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