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dita message

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Subject: Status of review #2

I want to remind people of two things:

    * The review closes on 3 October 2009; please be sure and enter your
      comments on the Wiki in the next three days.
    * Reviewers, please update the table at
      http://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/TechReview2#Reviewstatus with
      information about your progress.

Here is what the status table currently looks like; I know that it 
doesn't reflect the review work that Bruce Nevin, Elliot Kimber, and 
JoAnn Hackos have completed.






Introduction to DITA


JoAnn Hackos, Stan Doherty


DITA markup


Elliot Kimber




Jeff Ogden




Seth Park, Gershon Joseph, Bruce Nevin


Configuration and extension


Seth Park, Gershon Joseph


Technical content


Kris Eberlein, Don Day


Learning and training


JoAnn Hackos, Bruce Nevin




Paul Grosso


Grosso: Completed, 24 September 2009

Technical content


JoAnn Hackos


Learning and training


Bruce Nevin, Learning & Training Sucommittee


Common attributes


Paul Grosso, Elliot Kimber, Kris Eberlein


Eberlein: 75% completed, 1 October 2009;
Grosso: Completed 24 September 2009



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