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Subject: Re: [dita] Groups - DITATCMeeting_10062009.txt uploaded

On 10/8/09 7:50 AM, "Grosso, Paul" <pgrosso@ptc.com> wrote:

> wherein it says:
>  9. Item-6: DITA decoration catalog
>    - RESOLVED: The issue of whether, how, or when to build a DITA
>      decoration catalog should be moved off the active TC agenda
>      and into the Publishing SC. If there is further interest and
>      activity for it there, it can re-emerge as a TC issue.
>      Close this item.
> What is the Publishing SC?  I don't see any such SC listed at
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=dita#subcommittees

Perhaps they mean the yet-to-be-proposed-but-talked-about-alot-by-me DITA
For Publishers project?

What Seth is talking about is definitely within the scope of what that
project needs (that is, facilities for providing more direct control over
formatting intent of authors) and I am happy to host any experiments with it
now on the dita4publishers SourceForge project.



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