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Subject: RE: [dita] Conref terminology: Referencing element and referenced element

I think the resolution was that the TC requests that the author group consider making the terminology unambiguous.
The proposed terminology (paraphrased):
  • The element with the referencing attribute (href, conref, keyref, etc.) is always the referencing element, regardless of the behavior of the reference.
  • The referenced element is the element specified in the referencing attribute (or the resolved target of an indirect reference) of the referencing element.
This does not make it easier to explain conactions, but the best we can do is make sure the terminology is unambiguous. For example:
  • When using conref pull (no conaction specified), the referenced element replaces the referencing element.
  • When using conref push, the referencing element replaces the referenced element.
(BTW, Don said specifically that he was sensitive to making resolutions that impact arch spec activities.)
seth park
information architect
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

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