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Subject: Specification schedule slipping two weeks

With all we had to discuss today, we didn't get to the specification. For a variety of factors -- the need to extend the deadlines for reviewers, new decisions (such as those made today and those that will be made next week), and the quantity of comments generated in the second review, we need to move the schedule out two weeks.

Below is the schedule for the remaining reviews of the DITA 1.2 specification.



2 November  2009

Third drafts complete; third internal review begins. This review will include the OASIS DITA Adoption Committee and the OASIS Technical Advisory Board.

16 November 2009

Third review complete; author begin working review comments.

1 December 2009

Final draft ready to submit to OASIS for public review and official-approval process kick-off. This draft must include all substantive content; if we need to add substantive content after the public review begins, it will require us to restart the approval process.



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