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Subject: Proposal to the OASIS DITA TC to form a "DITA for the Web" Sub-Committee

Dear OASIS DITA TC members,

For the past several months, Mark Lewis (Quark) and John Hunt (IBM) have been exploring interest and gathering interested parties on the topic of "DITA for the Web."

We'd like to update the TC on the status of these activities, and bring forward a proposal to form a "DITA for the Web" sub-committee.  The draft charter below outlines the initial goals and deliverables for this effort.

We have held three "forming" meetings in August and September that have drawn considerable interest, including attracting several new OASIS memberships and several more potential OASIS memberships if the sub-committee activity goes forward.
Attendance at these meetings has been from six to twelve people, including nine current OASIS members. An additional ten individuals have expressed interest in participating in future meetings.
Name of proposed sub-committee:  
DITA for the Web

Statement of Purpose
1.  Provide a public forum for discussion about the management and delivery of DITA content on the Web and how DITA relates to other web technologies.  
2.  Recommend strategies and guidelines to the OASIS DITA Technical Committee that promote best practices for applying DITA approaches to Web content.

List of Deliverables:        
1. Recommendations to the DITA TC for specification changes or additions to the DITA standard that enable better support for DITA content on the Web.
2. Specifications or white papers on one or more of the above topics related to DITA for the Web.  
3. Recommendations to the DITA TC for coordination with other related standards, such as the OASIS Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) TC or microformats.org.  

4.  A white paper summary of recommendations and best practices guidelines for use of DITA content on the Web.

Proposed Co-Chairs  
Mark Lewis, Quark
John Hunt, IBM


John Hunt and Mark Lewis

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