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Subject: Item: Domain Integrator

I tried the domain integrator: http://www.elovirta.com/dita-generator/

It worked pretty well and is definitely very close to a complete solution.
It constructed what appeared to be a correct and complete shell DTD based on
my selections. It's probably sufficient as it currently exists to enable
creation of shells that reflect the standard modules. The tool did not
appear to provide a way to easily add support for non-stanadrd modules (see

The tool itself is implemented in Python, which works well for a Web-based
tool but is less idea for a standalone utility. To create a standalone
utility I would want to reimplement it as a Java application to make it
easier to create a completely standalone application.

For the tool to be completely functional it would need to integrate with a
Toolkit instance so that you could deploy additional Toolkit plugins that
provide new vocabulary modules and then use those modules in new shells. The
Toolkit already provides a complete infrastructure for managing non-standard
modules so there's no need to reimplement that functionality.

I would see such a tool as ideally being able to take Zip files containing
Toolkit plugins, deploy them to its configured Toolkit instance, and then
letting you include those newly-deployed modules in new shells.

The main comment I had for the tool as provided above was to allow the
option of using URNs or URLs for public IDs for shells since not everyone
uses formal public identifier syntax for DTDs.



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office: 610.631.6770 | cell: 512.554.9368
2570 Boulevard of the Generals | Suite 213 | Audubon, PA 19403
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