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Subject: Terminology for the DITA 1.2 spec

As a follow-up to last week's TC meeting, a group of us had a telephone call today to discuss (1) the terminology outlined in the latest draft of the DITA 1.2 spec, and (2) reviewers' reactions to it.

We discussed the following items:
  • The fact that the DITA spec is a hybrid entity, a mixture of normative information, commentary, and textbook material. Given the time and resource constraints for DITA 1.2, as well as the fact that other DITA resources are few and not widely available, this is not going to change quickly.
  • The reality that the DITA TC includes people from varying backgrounds (standards development, technical communication) and that affects people's approach to the spec.
  • Organization of the terminology topic. Gershon is going to attempt to create a logical ordering of the terms, if he can do so by November 6. (If anyone has a interest in helping with this, contact Gershon.) Our default will be to list the terms in alphabetical order.
We did not get to the following items and suggest that they be discussed at a regular TC meeting:
  • Concrete document type
    • Do we need this term? Is it a widely accepted term?
    • How is a "Concrete document type" different from a "DITA document type"
  • Local shell
    • Content of <note> elements contentious
  • Does the terminology apply to entire spec (including Lang Ref topics) or only specific topics in the spec?
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