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Subject: Re: [dita] Terminology issues: Linking and addressing terms? Referencingand referenced element?

Title: Re: [dita] Terminology issues: Linking and addressing terms? Referencing and referenced element?
OK, that would give us something like the following -- and it avoids the problem of the two definitions being circular. Thoughts? Especially from Bruce, since you did all the heavy lifting ... I know that my <ul> does not list all the relevant attributes.

Referenced element
    An element that is referenced by another DITA element (the referencing element).
The following code sample is from the installation-reuse.dita topic. The <step> element that it contains is a referenced element; other DITA topics reference the <step> element by using the @conref attribute.
<step id="run-startcmd-script">
	<cmd>Run the startcmd script that is applicable to your operating-system environment.</cmd>
Referencing element
An element which specifies one of the following DITA attributes in order to address another DITA element:
  • @conkeyref attribute
  • @conref attribute
  • @href attribute
  • @keyref attribute
The following <step> element is a referencing element. It uses the @conref attribute to reference a <step> element in the installation-reuse.dita topic.
<step conref="installation-reuse.dita#reuse/run-startcmd-script>
Joann Hackos wrote:
The first bulleted list appears to indicate that the items, i.e., conkeyref, are a list of “elements that are referenced”. I would omit the list here and just put in the example with the ID=

Then list the elements only under referencing elements, since these the point at which the operators are actually used.

Do we need an example of Push?

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