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Subject: Re: [dita] Need topic owners: collation and attribute inheritance

I wanted to give more info so that people might decide if they want to volunteer to "own" these topics; as you can see, neither topic is long or substantial.

Here are the (2nd review) Wiki comments for these topics:
Here is the text currently in those two topics:

Attribute inheritance

The ways in which attribute values, both default and explicit, are inherited, have major impact on authors' ability to generate appropriate output and navigation artifacts.


DITA provides guidance for collation through the <index-sort-as> element.

The term collation refers to determination of the order (collating sequence) in which character strings should be placed when sorting them. Even where languages share the same general character set, such as within the set of Western European languages, this often varies according to language and locale.

Even where languages share the same writing system or script, as for Western European languages, the rules for collation may vary based on language, locale, and local editorial practices. In addition, some languages, such as Japanese and Simplified Chinese, use ideographic scripts where collation is determined by phonetic pronunciation, rather than the specific characters used.

Applications implement collation using a combination of standard algorithms and processor-specific configurations for things like grouping rules, handling of character variants, and sorting of English before or after non-English languages.

Collation algorithms shall use the value of the <index-sort-as> element (when present) in place of the value of the <indexterm> that includes it when determining the entry's position in the collating sequence.


Park Seth-R01164 wrote:
F943284D299CD9409CFA37D759ADDAD103D5A8AB@az33exm23.fsl.freescale.net" type="cite">
Is there someone who can take over "collation" and "attribute inheritance"?
I'm unfamiliar with these topics.
seth park
information architect
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

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