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Subject: OASIS HTML Requirements for Specs

Greetings all

In the minutes of the last meeting, there was a point within 5 - Review
Prototypes which said:

. Action from previous meeting: Kristen to double-check on OASIS HTML
requirements for specs

For a Help SC task, I put together a CSS for HTML output from the OT to
adopt an OASIS look. All I did was make the output look a bit like the OASIS
Web site. This may be useful as a starting point for the Spec look-and-feel.

There are some pages using that CSS at:

I also noticed that the latest issue of OASIS News announced the appointment
of an OASIS Publications Specialist, Kim Goolsby, whose role it is to help
TC editors "ensure their documents conform to consortium standards".

I'm happy to volunteer to run my OASIS CSS work past Kim and see if we can
put together an official CSS for use when generating the Spec (and other TC
documents) in HTML. If someone is already working on this, let me know so
there's no duplication of effort.


Tony Self

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