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dita message

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Subject: my upcoming retirement

I wanted to let the members of the TC  know that I am retiring from my position at PTC/Arbortext at the end of March. I’ll be using up accumulated vacation time from around March 13th through the end of the month.  This makes my effective last day likely to be March 12th.  My last DITA TC call is likely to be March 9th and I may miss the DITA TC all on March 2nd due to a conflict.


Chris Nitchie is taking over my job as DITA Development Lead at PTC/Arbortext.  Chris has been a voting member of the DITA TC for several weeks now. He has been pretty quiet on calls so far, but I expect that that will change as DITA 1.2 gets finished up and the TC pushes on to new work for DITA 1.3 and 2.0.


Paul Grosso was of course on the TC long before I joined and he will continue. Dave Helfinstine’s work with the TC has been somewhat indirect.  He is on the TC’s e-mail list, but doesn’t usually participate on calls. He’ll still be here at PTC/Arbortext and is a good resource to call on since he knows a lot about DITA and implemented many of the changes to bring the Arbortext DITA implementation in line with the DITA spec. as we gained a better understanding of what that required. In particular can involve him in questions about his “favorite” topic of cascading of attributes and metadata within and between documents.


DITA was a good project for me to work on.  It was new and different enough to give me something to learn and in its own way it was and remains ground breaking, which I like.


Over the next two weeks I’m likely to send the TC two or three “parting shot” messages with some thoughts about its future activities. Take them for what they are worth.



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