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Subject: Suggested amendments to the 30 March 2010 minutes

Regarding the new schedule, it should read as follows:

   * 5 April 2010: Writers complete addressing all review #3 comments.
   * 12-30 April 2010: Fourth internal review. This review will include
     the OASIS DITA Adoption Committee and the OASIS Technical Advisory
     Board (TAB). DITA TC members will review only selected topics and
     sections; members of the Adoption Committee and the TAB are
     welcome to review everything. (Note: Review *will* start earlier
     if it is possible to complete builds and set up Wiki pages before
     12 April.)
   * 4 May 2010: TC to discuss extent and number of review comments.
     Decide which to defer or decide not to handle. JoAnn and Gershon
     will bring summary of comments from Adoption TC; Kris, Robert, and
     Elliot will come to the meeting having assessed, categorized, and
     review comments from the sections of the spec for which they are
     responsible. Paul Grosso will help Elliot.
   * 16 May 2010: Authors complete all review comments.
   * 18-25 May 2010: TC members review DITA 1.2 spec prior to TC vote.
   * 25 May 2010: TC votes on whether to submit DITA 1.2 for public review.
   * 1 June 2010: Final draft submitted to OASIS for public review.


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