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Subject: Seeking volunteer to drive PDF formatting issue for 1.2 spec

Hi team,
I'm seeking a volunteer to relieve me from driving the issues with the PDF output for the DITA spec. Due to my ongoing editor and author role on the spec, I won't have time to drive this in time for the scheduled 1.2 release.
This task involves the following activities:
  1. Collect all of the issues we have with our PDF output on our Wiki. The Wiki page already exists and has been populated by one TC member. I have input from other reviewers in a Microsoft Word file. You also need to QA the PDF yourself to identify additional issues that may not have been caught yet.
  2. Analyze each issue listed in the Wiki and determine whether it must be fixed via XSLT (that transforms DITA XML to XSL-FO) or via updates to the source DITA content.
  3. Perform the fixes or delegate them to a suitable TC member to fix the XSLT and DITA content. These may be different folks. Tony Self has offered to help with the XSLT fixes.
Ideally, the person taking this over from me should have extensive past experience in coding complex XSLT to XSL-FO transformations in the DITA-OT PDF plug-in (what used to be the Idiom plug-in), plus have an eye for catching formatting issues when scanning a PDF file.
Looking forward to receiving responses from keen TC members ;-)

Gershon Joseph
Technical Leader, Engineering
Product Development Services

Phone: +972 9 892-7157
Mobile: +972 57 314-1170

Cisco Systems, Inc.

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