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Subject: Semiconductor DITA Users Group - Kickoff Meeting - Weds. 7/28

We are pleased to announce the beginning of a new DITA users group especially for the semiconductor industry.  The group will meet monthly via conference call and LiveMeeting. 
The purpose of the group:
Our focus will be “DITA implementers helping DITA implementers”.  The group is NOT just another group for DITA users – it is more for those who are choosing and configuring the tools; designing content models; and championing the adoption of DITA within their organizations. 
Anyone is welcome to attend, including users and vendors, but the focus is on sharing best practice for DITA implementation.
Our first meeting will be an informal “meet and greet”:
This meeting will take place Wednesday July 28th at 8 AM PDT. 
Phone bridge:   916-356-2663, Bridge: 3, Passcode: 8219999
LiveMeeting:    https://webjoin.intel.com/?passcode=8219999
Subsequent meetings will have the following format:
We will normally meet the 4th Wednesday of every month, with some adjustments around the winter holiday season:
To receive future announcements, please join the Semiconductor DITA Users Group email list on Yahoo Groups.
For more information, please visit the Semiconductor DITA Users Group website.
Best regards,
The SDUG Steering Committee:
Seraphim Larsen, Intel Corporation
Bob Beims, Freescale Semiconductor
Keith Schengili-Roberts, AMD

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