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Subject: DITA 1.2 Review Comment: Thoughts on topicgroup, navtitle, and locktitle

  In ' topicgroup', a paragraph states that "Beginning with 
DITA 1.2, you are able to specify a <navtitle> element within the 
<topicmeta> element inside of a <topicgroup>" and then seems to go on to 
say that the newly introduced navtitle serves no purpose. Confusing.

It is further confusing to have a locktitle attribute to control the use 
of this apparently purposeless element.

Furthermore, here and elsewhere, why use the name 'locktitle' for the 
attribute? Does locktitle="yes" mean a title is being locked in or 
locked out, and which title is being locked in or locked out (navtitle 
or title)? Why choose a name for the attribute that makes the user guess?

A name like 'usenavtitle' would remove the guesswork. The attribute 
assignment usenavtitle="yes" means use the navtitle, otherwise use the 
title from the referenced topic (but there is no referenced topic for a 
topicgroup, so why have the attribute for topicgroup?).

An extra attribute for topicgroup, such as 'editor-title', would be 
useful to allow a string to be specified for display in a map editor to 
identify the purpose of the group. Presently there can be several 
topicgroups next to each other with no clue about the contents or 
purpose of each. Even opening up a group to see the contents can leave 
the purpose of grouping them together a mystery. (I use a topichead with 
a navtitle to identify the purpose but it would be better to have a 
standard way of doing this so that conforming editors can behave 

Sorry of this has been discussed to death before.


Doug Morrison
Information Architect

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