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Subject: Official statements of use for DITA 1.2

  We've been keeping a list of DITA 1.2 adopters here:

For the final push, we need a "Statement of Use" from an organizational 
member typically provided in an email message to the TC list. From the 
OASIS policy:

""Statement of Use", with respect to a specification, is a written 
statement by an OASIS Organizational Member stating that it is 
successfully using or implementing that specification in accordance with 
the conformance clauses specified in Section 2.18, and stating whether 
its use included the interoperation of multiple independent 

If you are an organizational member of the DITA TC who has already 
listed your organization's adoption of a DITA 1.2 feature, please follow 
the policy notice and send the requisite statement to his list. For 
consistency in citing, I suggest using this subject heading:

DITA 1.2 Statement of Use by [your org's name]

Especially call out if your usage meets the interoperation statement! 
Use of L&T independently from Techpubs (both obviously interoperable) 
might be an example, as I read it.
Don Day

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