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Subject: Re: [dita] DITA 1.2 Schema Issues

Hi Chris,

I'm not sure why the parser is complaining about commonElementsGrp.xsd.  If there are issues, it should be with commonElementsMod.xsd.  I removed references to the XML namespace from files that did not make use of attributes within that file.  Having those there was making MSXML complain about issues as well.  

Not sure why since the complaining. I ran SCMPrint -f D:\dita1.2\doctypes\xsd1.2-url\technicalContent\xsd\map.xsd using Xerces 2.6.0.  There are no issues returned.  I also ran SAX2COUNT on the sample map.dita that points to the same map.xsd file and it does not return any issues.

I did use the application XML Copy Editor to validate some sample files. It uses Xerces-C to validate documents.  It looks like it uses Xerces 2.8.0.

I tried opening the same map.dita sample in our version of Arbortext Editor.  I get the following issue:

D:\dita1.2\doctypes\xsd1.2-url/base/xsd/commonElementMod.xsd : Line: 2910 Column: 39
Could not find top level attribute: xml:lang

I'm not sure why that error is popping up.  The commonElementMod.xsd file does have a reference to xml.xsd.

As for the rest of the issue, unfortunately, they are bugs.  We can fix those with an errata when then spec becomes a recommendation.

Kind regards,

Eric A. Sirois
Staff Software Developer
DB2 Universal Database - Information Development
DITA XML Schema Architect and DITA Open Toolkit Developer
IBM Canada Ltd. - Toronto Software Lab
Phone:(905) 413-2841

Blue Pages (Internal)

"Transparency and accessibility requirements dictate that public information and government
transactions avoid depending on technologies that imply or impose a specific product or
platform on businesses or citizens" - EU on XML-based office document formats.

From: "Nitchie, Chris" <cnitchie@ptc.com>
To: "dita" <dita@lists.oasis-open.org>
Date: 10/14/2010 10:42 AM
Subject: [dita] DITA 1.2 Schema Issues

I’m in the process of integrating the latest DTD and Schema changes into the copies we have in our install tree for the next release, and I think I’ve found some bugs in the schemas.
Firstly, schema-based maps are showing errors about not being able to find xml:space and xml:lang top-level attributes from commonElementsGrp.xsd.  I notice in the latest changes, Eric removed the schemaLocation attribute from the import for the XML namespace.  Is there a reason it was dropped?  It’s there other places the namespace is imported (utilitiesDomain, programmingDomain, softwareDomain, and uiDomain).  Adding it back causes our Editor to stop complaining.
Also, learningMapDomain.xsd misspells ‘locktitle’ (‘loctitle’). Looks like this dates back to when it was first added in January, so it’s not a new bug.
Finally, the learning schemas have some class attribute bugs.  The class attribute on lcLom is incorrectly defined as “+ topic/metadata learning-d/lcLom” instead of “+ topic/metadata learningmeta-d/lcLom”, and learningSummaryRef uses "- map/topicref learningmap-d/learningSummaryRef " instead of "+ map/topicref learningmap-d/learningSummaryRef " (- instead of +).
None of these problems are in the DTD versions. I don’t know what the implications are for changing the schemas at this point in the process, but I wanted to raise the issue.
P.S. Arbortext Editor has a Specialization Validation tool (historically, incorrect customer specializations is one of our major tech support headaches). It uncovered all but the first issue.  Going forward, I’m happy to volunteer to run it on future changes as they’re made as a sanity check.

Chris Nitchie

Senior Software Engineer

734.352.2879   F 734.997.0201



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