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Subject: RE: [dita] Groups - DraftTarget Group Analysis Survey (Target Group Analysis Survey.html) uploaded

1.2.1 list
Delete this item, promote to 1.2.1, etc.
Accordingly, "1.2.2 other" becomes 1.2.12

Each "other" should provide for specifying. Does this need a separate
item as in 2.14.1, 4.7.1, 5.5.1 or is it a forms function of the survey

1.3 Department
Add 1.3.5 development, 1.3.6 support
These departments produce technical documentation, but they are not
technical documentation departments. Unless you assume their numbers are
vanishingly small in the DITA world so far, so put them under "other"
along with various folks who are engaged with DITA for business
documents (policies, legislation, standards, test cases, ...).

2.15 Multiple response
Is this item needed or does the survey app permit plural selection?
There's no such item for e.g. 7 "indicate the sections...".

9 question types
What is this? Not a part of the survey.

Copy-edit nit: initial cap should be consistent.

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