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Subject: Groups - Minutes, 30 November 2010 (DITA-TC-minutes-30-November-2010.txt) uploaded

Minutes of the OASIS DITA TC
Tuesday, 30 Novemeber 2010
Recorded by Kristen James Eberlein

Present: Seth Parks, Robert Anderson, John Hunt, Michael Priestley, Don
Day, Kris Eberlein, Su-Laine Yeo, Deb Bissantz, Paul Grosso, David
Helfinstine. Mark Lewis, Eliot Kimber, Thilo Buchholz

1. Minutes

DOn Day moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be approve. Thilo
Bucholz seconded; approved by accclamation.

2. SC report
We received a report on the DITA for the Web SC from Mark Lewis and John
Hunt. See the following URL for information about their work on

The SC expects to finish this work in one or two weeks; they then will send
it to the DITA TC for review as an idea document that contains use cases
and "What if ..." scenarios.

Action: Don Day will contact a rep from the Pharma SC about giving an
update at the next TC meeting.

3. Press release about DITA 1.2 approval
Quotations due to Carol Geyer by Friday, 3 December 2010. We expect
statements from IBM, Comtech, PTC, SAP, and maybe Cisco.

4. Progress of DITA 1.2 ballot
We reviewed who had voted, and several people took assignments to contact
specific companies that have not yet voted.

5. Survey
Thilo Buchholz has provided feedback to JoAnn.

6. Eliot's trip to Japan
Eliot Kimber provided a report about his recent trip to Japan. Interesting
pattern of adoption in Japan, adoption seen more in industry-specific
verticals than by tech writing profession.

7. DITA Europe
Kris Eberlein and Su-Laine Yeo mentioned user feedback from the recent

* People who are members or observers of the TC cannot wade through the
e-mail traffic to get a good sense of what the TC is up to; how can we
provide summary information in a more accessible way?
* People perceive DITA as getting too big and too complicated as it expands
past the realm of technical communication
* People want DITA 1.3 to be a small release, focusing on bugs and
usability fixes
* People are concerned that specialized work of subcommittees will be
incorporated into the DITA specification rather than being plugins that can
be downloaded from Sourceforge.

 -- Kristen Eberlein

The document named Minutes, 30 November 2010
(DITA-TC-minutes-30-November-2010.txt) has been submitted by Kristen
Eberlein to the OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) TC
document repository.

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