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dita message

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Subject: Suffix for constraint entities

Hi everyone,

I think I've found a couple more issues for the errata. Hope I'm not
spoiling any parties today. 

In CD04, the topic " DTD document-type shell: Coding
requirements" says, "The entity name for the constraint declaration
consists of the constraint module name plus the -c-mod suffix." The
example that follows uses -c-def as the suffix, not -c-mod. The Strict
Task module in the DTDs also uses a -c-def suffix.

Also, the examples on applying multiple constraints to a single
vocabulary module in " Examples of constraint declaration
modules" is missing a semicolon after the word %title.


Su-Laine Yeo
Solutions Consultant 
JustSystems Canada, Inc.
Office: 1 (778) 327-6356 

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