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Subject: Chair's quote--pls review

Don Day, Chair of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee through its 
previous works as well, reflected on the significance of DITA 1.2: "This 
new version of DITA incorporates community suggestions that create wider 
usage opportunities for DITA as a content standard. The constraints 
mechanism should help with 'tag fatigue' during DITA authoring. The 
indirect addressing updates enable more efficient reuse and content 
management policies. And the conref extensions enable end user 
renditions that were not possible with DITA 1.1, such as pushing updates 
into already published content. Those features, along with the new 
Learning & Training and Hazard specializations, aim to help content 
owners to create and deliver more kinds of information in more ways than 
ever with DITA."


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