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Subject: DITA TC Chair's quote for DITA 1.2--final

Carol, here's the most current take for the TC Chair's quote for the 
OASIS press release:

Don Day, Chair of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee,
summarized the Committee's goals for DITA 1.2:
"This new version incorporates community
suggestions that will help content owners to create
and deliver more kinds of information in more ways
than ever with DITA. The constraints mechanism can be
used to remove unneeded tags from the authoring
environment, depending on the type of document.
Managing and reusing content is more efficient with
indirect "keyref" addressing using user-defined keys,
and with extensions to conref, such as pushing updates
into already published content. Moreover, the new
Learning and Training specialization provides support
for educational applications, and with the hazard statement
and machinery task specializations DITA has become
applicable for machinery documentation.

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