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Subject: Entity declarations in DITA 1.2 constraint modules

Hi everyone,

I have another question about the example on page 110 of the DITA 1.2
Spec in CD04. It gives the following example of a constraint module:

<!ENTITY simpleSection.constraints
"(topic simpleSection-c)"
<!ENTITY % section.content
(%basic.block; |
%data.elements.incl; |
%foreign.unknown.incl; |

In the strictTaskbodyConstraint.mod file, all entities that are used are
explicitly defined within the .mod file , e.g.
<!ENTITY % prereq          "prereq">

These entities are defined elsewhere in the set of DTD files, however
they do seem to be copied into the .mod file for a good reason. I find
that if I remove these entity declarations from the .mod file, parsers

The above example from the DITA 1.2 spec does not explicitly define
entities. I'm wondering:
1) Are .mod files used for constraints supposed to explicitly define
entities that are used within the file? 
2) If the answer to #1 is yes, isn't it going to require a lot of
duplicated DTD code in order to include definitions for %basic.block,
%data.elements.incl, and %foreign.unknown.incl? 

BTW I've already reported that a semicolon is missing in the example
after %title.


Su-Laine Yeo
Solutions Consultant 
JustSystems Canada, Inc.
Office: 1 (778) 327-6356 

XMetaL Community Forums: http://forums.xmetal.com
For partners only: http://www.justpartnercenter.com

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