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Subject: Consideration for Co-Chair position

With the recent OASIS approval of DITA 1.2, the DITA TC is again on the 
threshold of a new start, looking forward to DITA 1.3. In recognition of 
the great work that Kris Eberlein has done in helping to manage the 1.2 
project forward and drive the voting process so successfully, it seems 
obvious to me, as it surely has to others, that Kris be afforded the 
chance to become a Co-Chair of the DITA TC.  She and I spoke about the 
role and we are both in agreement on the idea.

However, any such decision would have to be made by the voting 
membership, so I am broaching this proposal so that we can discuss ahead 
of time and possibly even vote on it next week. The process is simple: 
with the resolution tendered, we need a full majority vote (ie, no 
objection to unanimous consent of quorum). With a change of the 
information in the home page, the change in titles becomes official the 
next day.

What are your thoughts about adding Kris as Co-Chair to our TC?  I look 
forward to hearing any concerns or endorsements to the proposal before 
next week (our last good chance to be present in quorate numbers for a 
month, remember).

Don Day
Chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Learning by Wrote

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