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Subject: RE: [dita] Clarification of implications of index-see-also

As I understand it, and as I would expect to use it, the point reference
is to a term that occurs on that page, and the see also names a term
that does not occur on that page. The reason for the see also is to
enable the reader to consider the pages where that other term actually
does occur.

Thus in your example the current page number should be given only for
"Apple" because that is the term that occurs in text on that page. The
term "AAPL" does not occur in text on that page (it occurs only in the
child of the <index-term> element), so the current page number should
not be given for "AAPL". If "AAPL" does occur on that same page, then it
needs a separate <index-term> element.

A "See also" term is sometimes a synonym or near synonym of the main
index term, but not always. For example: in _The Windows Interface
Guidelines for Software Design_ (1995) there is an index entry
"Shortcuts" that has under it "See also Drag and drop". 


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Eliot Kimber [mailto:ekimber@reallysi.com] 
> Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 9:44 AM
> To: dita
> Subject: [dita] Clarification of implications of index-see-also
> The language reference entry for index-see-also says:
> "In addition to its "see also" redirection, an index-see-also
> functions as a pointwise indexterm, thereby typically generating a
> page reference as well as the "see also" indication."
> Given this index markup:
> <index-term>
> apple
> <index-see-also>AAPL</index-see-also>
> </index-term>
> Is the intent that there will be a page number reference to 
> this index-term's location for both "apple" and "AAPL" or 
> only for "apple"?
> There must be a page number reference for "apple" at this 
> term's location, that is clear (because the see-also doesn't 
> change the basic functioning of the index term as a point reference).
> The question is whether or not the spec is requiring an 
> additional entry for "AAPL" at this location or if the intent 
> is that the see-also just points to the named term?
> Cheers,
> E.
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> Eliot Kimber
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