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Subject: DITA for the Web SC: DITA + Microformats Use Cases (offered for review/share)

The DITA for the Web subcommittee has been exploring the use of Microformats with DITA.

We originally started writing specifications, but decided that we needed to document the use cases first. We would appreciate all thoughts and feedback on this document. The use cases offered are not really limited to Microformats and can be used to educate on a variety of uses of DITA for the Web. Feel free to share these documents with anyone that you think would be interested.   

Disclaimer: This document reflects exploratory work. It is not a reliable guide on the future direction of DITA. It should not be taken as guidance for using DITA or for developing DITA tools. 

This paper summarizes the recommendations and best practices guidelines for the use of DITA content on the Web that is delivered in XHTML Microformat. These ideas are offered as a collection of use cases. 

We also created a document with some definitions and vocabulary that we needed to hold our own discussions. This is a quick read, and we would appreciate feedback on this document as well.

This document provides definitions and background material to support the DITA and Microformats Use Case document created by this subcommittee. 

John Hunt
Mark Lewis
Co-Chairs OASIS DITA for the Web Subcommittee

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