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Subject: figgroup content model completeness (proposed feature 13030)

My recollection about tables in fig was more with the current completeness of figgroup:

Deborah's initial proposal for figgroup completeness (27 March 2007):
 * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200703/msg00087.html
  This included simpletable but not table

Resumed discussion on a different thread (18 June 2007):
 * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200706/msg00026.html
and Deborah's reply about the amended proposed set that left the simpletable in figgroup issue up in the air)

The resolved update (19 June 2007) was here:
            Robert: (Deborah Pickett's proposal) is unchanged as she submitted, 
            except for the details of the content model. As designed, it allows 
            only notes, phrases and keyword inside. 
            The original content model was too limiting. This proposal is to add 
            <data> into <figgropu> and also to add the normal phrase and block 
            elements into <figgroup>.

The current DITA 1.2 content model for figgroup is:
( (title) (optional) then (figgroup or (dl or image or lines or lq or note or hazardstatement or object or ol or p or pre or sl or ul or boolean or cite or keyword or ph or b or i or sup or sub or tt or u or q or term or tm or xref or state or data or data-about or fn or foreign or unknown) ) (any number) )

I would not allow OASIS exchange tables in fig--there is conflicting processing with titles, and it would impact existing specializations that count on either table or fig bases for default behaviors. However, there is a nesting symmetry in allowing simpletable within figgroup, and I've had conversations about how useful simpletable would be as a specialization structure within figgroup. To me, this merits review of the inclusion of simpletable in figgroup as the more specific discussion here.
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Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?"
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