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Subject: Proposal for DITA 1.3


I discussed with my team possible input for the DITA 1.3 spec. Since we are still in the implementation phase for an infrastructure to produce training content, we still collecting first experiences with DITA. Nonetheless the team came up with a proposal and would be willing to take ownership for the issue.

Here is a short description.

“The DITA Learning and Training Specialization should support the storage of learning objects as separate files on a file system or repository. Currently, it only supports the storage of the components within a learning object as separate files.

 In the 1.2 model, learning objects are implemented using the learningObject topicref element within a map or learningGroup. Children of the learningObject including learningPlanRef, learningAssessmentRef, learningOverviewRef, learningContentRef, and learningSummaryRef then contain references to separate files. However, it could often be the case that an implementation requires that learning objects be stored as a discreet components. In this way, multiple learning maps could then reuse the same set of learning objects in different aggregations.

 One possible approach is to implement two new elements, learningObjectMapRef and learningObjectMap. The learningObjectMapRef could be a topicref specialization that could be a child of a learning map or learningGroup. A child of learningObjectMapRef could then be learningObjectMap which could be a map specialization that would function as a wrapper element around learningObject. This would enable the learningObjectMap to be stored as a separate file and referenced by the learningObjectMapRef in one or more maps.”

BR Thilo



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