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Subject: Goodbye for now and best wishes

Dear friends,

I have been busy setting up Mardi, a new charity for university alumni 
to give back, and it has finally been accepted for registration by the 
Charity Commission for England and Wales. Whilst I want to continue to 
promote DITA I feel I need to devote my time and resources to helping 
Mardi through the next vital phases in its development.

I plan to continue to promote DITA: the Mardi website ( 
http://mardinet.org ) uses DITA as its source, and I plan to work on a 
project (along with several OASIS members) using a DITA collaboration 
platform for Rapid Response in Emergencies. As Mardi grows, I believe 
this could bring DITA in front of a bigger audience than the work I 
would have been doing within OASIS.

It is with great reluctance, therefore, that I have decided not to renew 
my OASIS subscription. It has been a great pleasure working with the  
members of various DITA committees and I know that I leave DITA 
standards in good hands. I hope to return to OASIS when Mardi is firmly 

Warm regards and best wishes,


Dr Douglas Morrison
Information Architect

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