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Subject: Scenario for cross-deliverable referencing

This was my todo from last week's mtg - sorry I'm leaving it to the wire.

This describes a solution that can be implemented today - I still think there more work to be done, including:

-  a general solution for key scoping (but not deliverable-based scoping since the boundaries of deliverables are mutable, as I'm trying to show here).
- a standardized approach for cross-deliverable referencing - if we want to encourage this approach, for example, or propose an alternative - but we should be providing some guidance to vendors on how to implement so that the solution is cross-vendor compatible

- we need to produce PDFs for each chapter of a book, as well as a single big PDF that contains all chapters
- the chapters contain cross-references to content in other chapters, which needs to be resolved as a cross-deliverable link in the single-chapter PDFs but as a local link in the single big PDF case
- each chapter is represented by a separate map
- each topicref in the map has a uniquely addressable key (using whatever general scoping mechanism we choose to implement)
- the book as a whole is represented by a master map that pulls in the others

solution for individual chapter case:
- for each chapter, execute a partial PDF build, which does not transform the content but does preprocess the map to turn each topicref href into a form appropriate for the deliverable being produced (ie, including the filename of the PDF being produced, with appropriate anchor syntax)
        this results in a deliverable-specific set of key mappings
- for each chapter, create a master map that includes the chapter being built and then resource-only inclusions of the deliverable-specific maps for all other chapters
- for each chapter's master map, execute a full PDF build
        this results in a chapter-level PDF with all links to other chapter resolved correctly

solution for whole book case:
- build normally

Michael Priestley, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM)
Lead IBM DITA Architect

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