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Subject: DITA TC Meeting Minutes -- 12 September 2011

Minutes  of the OASIS DITA TC
Tuesday, 13 Sept 2011
Recorded by Richard Hamilton

[ Note: This is my first shot at minutes in a while, so please expect, and feel free to report, any anomalies ]

Quorum present
Regrets: Thilo Buchholz, Tom Magliery

Don Day moved to accept last week's minutes, Kris Eberlein seconded,
and the minutes were accepted.

Subcommittee reports: none today


1) Vote on charter for DITA for Programmers subcommittee

Lisa Dyer presented charter to the group.

Goal: provide specializations for 1.3 specs for common apis, including:
      javascript, java, c, c++, and REST

Su-Laine Yeo: suggested the subcommittee name should be "DITA for
      Programming Content," rather than DITA for Programmers

Michael Priestley: Concern that scope is too narrow. What about
      architectural designs? Some work is going on in that area
      at IBM.
Action Item: Lisa will discuss possibilities with Aaron Labella of IBM.

Chris Nitchie from PTC has a method for working with a generalized
markup that can be used with multiple object oriented languages, and
which might be applicable in this work.

Adrian Warman: How would this contrast with, for example, javadoc?
Michael Priestley: Javadoc ontent in java source would stay the same,
      applet would change to one that generates DITA, rather than html.

Lisa will take comments under consideration and come back next week to
continue the discussion, which will be first on the agenda.

2) Continuation of triage of DITA 1.3 Proposals:

   13041: Scenario for cross-deliverable referencing

   - Discussion centered on Eliot Kimber's and Michael Priestley's
     approaches to this question, which center on the question of
     whether/how map scope can be tied to deliverable scope when
     resolving cross-map referencing.
   - Michael asked Eliot to explain how he would markup Michael's example
     (multiple chapters processed as separate chapters and as a single
   - Michael notes this is a real-world example, since the scenario is
     how the DITA spec could be built.
   - Action Item for Eliot: create a markup example for his approach.

   Michael summarized the issue and the two approaches under discussion:
   - The issue is referencing keys in other maps and how they get resolved.
   - Eliot: keys get resolved to target keys based on processing rules
     that are external to the markup.
   - Michael: does not assume a single processing system. Instead, the
     map creator would create key re-definitions for different
     deliverables that would be used to resolve key references from
     other maps. He said it would be nice to use Eliot's model, but his,
     admittedly messier, model would be more independent of processing

   Don: suggests continuing the discussion after Michael, Eliot, and
     other interested parties can work off-line to bring up a unified
     approach that can be discussed by the TC.

[ meeting adjourned ]

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