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dita message

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Subject: Cannot post to TC lists

(FYI, I am using the Kavi "Send e-mail" functionality rather than my own e-mail client.)

How many other TC members have this problem? How many TC chairs?

Any mail I send to to TC lists is returned with the message "permission denied. Command output: Sorry, only certain individuals may post to this committee."

According to OASIS staff, after the recent OASIS system upgrade, TC work now is stored on a Kavi Corporation Server, which runs the stock version of EZLM that cannot handle some Bounce Address Tag Validation schemes. 

This is a serious problem.

Best regards,

Kristen James Eberlein | DITA Architect and Technical Specialist | SDL Structured Content Technologies Division | (t) + 1 (919) 682-2290 | keberlein@sdl.com

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