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dita message

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Subject: Please read yesterday's minutes

Hi all,

I'm on holiday starting tomorrow and through next week, so I won't have
any opportunity after today to make corrections to yesterday's minutes.
If a person or two would have a quick look today just to make sure there
are no glaring problems or omissions, I'll be grateful. They're uploaded
to the Documents section of the website, and also copied below.

The only immediate action item is for Don; it looks like Robert made all
necessary updates to the 1.3 Proposals list on the fly, or at least very
quickly after the meeting.


Minutes of the OASIS DITA TC
Tuesday 4 Oct 2011
Recorded by Tom Magliery

Quorum present, meeting opened by Don Day
Regrets: Kris Eberlein, Thilo Buchholz

Previous meeting's minutes:
Moved to approve by Don Day; seconded by Stan Doherty; minutes approved

Subcommittee report:
DITA Adoption subcommittee, JoAnn Hackos
No recent meetings, but have been working outside meetings, working on
feature article. With Don's help resolved issue of catalogs, awaiting
resulting changes to be made to XLIFF article. Hoping for vote on XLIFF
article next meeting. Several parties have been expressing interest in
creating new feature articles.

Don to remind Bob Beims to attend next week's meeting and give

New Business
Item from Chris Nitchie:
Requesting clarification on processing rules for deriving affected text
empty keyrefs. Chris summarized the issue based on an earlier email from
February 2011. The language from this email needs to be rolled into the
specification. This is on the 1.3 Proposals list as #13079.
Robert Anderson moved to move this to "initially accepted"; seconded by
approved by acclamation.

DITA 1.3 Proposals triage (continued)
13063 - Research still pending, no action today.

13064 - Moved to "bug fix" by acclamation.

13065 - Moved to "bug fix" by acclamation. Drop the part about
mentioning the
Unicode char for slash in an appendix.

13066 - Moved to "bug fix" (moved by Robert, seconded by Eliot Kimber,
approved by acclamation). Fix will be to make the DITA schemas
consistent with
the prose description that is already in the text, i.e. to allow <msgph>
<msgnum> in <msgblock". Drop the part about allowing <ph>.

13068 - Su-Laine Yeo to look for the "bad" language in the spec and
revisit this item later.

13069 - Today's spec wording is precise, but might need some
Eliot volunteered to take ownership, produce Appendix for specification,
make an earlier draft available for consideration by the Adoption
committee as
 an informational paper. Don Day moved to accept all this and move the
item to
 "initially accepted"; seconded by Eliot; approved by acclamation.

13070 - Item will be withdrawn for 1.3.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00am PDT

Tom Magliery
XML Technology Specialist
JustSystems Canada, Inc.
Direct: 778-327-6550

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