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Subject: RE: [dita] Issue 13072


It looks like I was the only one who replied last time, and my
preference was different from yours. That said, my argument is simply
that in 1.2 the behavior is underspecified, and your proposal is to
specify it in 1.3, and as such, I don't feel particularly strongly one
way or another, so if that's the situation I have no objection.

I do have one suggestion, though. If we're going to say that an xref
with a keyref to a key definition bound to a map behaves in a certain
way, then I'd ask that we explicitly specify the same behavior for <xref
format="ditamap"> without a keyref.


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The original discussion thread starts here:


I think we had arrived at consensus, but probably need to reconfirm
some time has passed.



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