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Subject: DITA 1.3 proposals 13038 and 13039

Hello DITA TC members,


I scanned through the minute of the last DITA TC call and noticed that a status update was required for proposals 13038 and 13039. I emailed Seth, Marcos, Don and Kristen last week, but that’s probably better to communicate directly with the TC list .


As far as I’m concerned, I had under estimated the importance of the use cases. As explained during the first introduction for these proposals, at NXP, the use cases are in the future and still matter of discussion internally. We plan to migrate our semiconductor parametric data to a tool that enables exports in OntoML, an ISO XML standard dedicated to dictionary-based product description, and being able to imports chunks of this XML into our DITA content would  be a useful feature. But we still don’t know in what context and are still defining the new data model.


In short, our use cases are still vague. When I accepted the co-ownership of these proposals, I thought we had to anticipate our future challenges. In this case, preparing the path for a setup where various XML would work together (OntoML for data management, DITA for natural language and publication, IP-Xact for IP exchange).


However I understand that a documentation standard needs more accurate specifications, otherwise effort are wasted on features that are potentially disconnected from reality.


For now I will investigate the possibility to use XInclude (as suggested by Michael Priestley) in our XProc publication pipelines to include alien XML in DITA.


Marcos told me he hadn’t had time lately to produce more detailed specs and use cases, but that he would have more time in December.


I hope this update gave you a clearer idea of the status of these proposals. Feel free to ask if you think something is missing.


Best regards,


Colin Maudry

Product Data Analyst and DITA Implementer


NXP Semiconductors    www.nxp.com

High Tech Campus 60, room 4.438, 5656 AG  Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Tel: +31 40 27 25833 Mobile: +31 646 53 94 33     colin.maudry@nxp.com     


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