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Subject: [dita] Implications of @print on keyspace construction

Apologies for the re-send. This seems to have been marked as spam by some people due to my sending it in HTML format with href markup.

The spec is clear that key definitions must respect conditional processing. Does this include processing of the @print attribute? For example, if I had this:

<keydef keys="key1" print="printonly" href="some-file.pdf"/>
<keydef keys="key1" print="no" href="some-file.html"/>

Does the first key always override the second, or is @print attribute handling considered part of conditional processing, and so the effective definition of key1 is output-type-dependent?


Chris Nitchie
Senior Software Engineer

T 734.352.2879   F 734.997.0201
E cnitchie@ptc.com


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