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Subject: implications of @print and @rev

On the 13 Dec 2011 call, we discussed the implications of @print on keyspace construction. In research regarding use cases for @rev, I discovered evidence that suggests that @rev when used on a topicref is effectively a method of filtering, similar to the usage of @print.


I am not personally yet familiar with this processing mechanism, but I bring it up to ensure it’s been considered.



Source: http://www.hyperwrite.com/Articles/showarticle.aspx?id=88


Map metadata is used at the top of the metadata food chain to apply filtering characteristics to whole topics or topic groups within maps. We could, for example, construct a single map that allows us to produce a user guide for any of several product releases by adding rev metadata attributes to the topic references, like this:


<map title="User Guide" id="userguide">

<topicref href="" rev="demo"/>

<topicref href="" rev="1.x"/>

<topicref href="" rev="2.x"/>





-seth park


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