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Subject: Status of OASIS DITA for Web sub-committee

Dear DITA TC and DITA for Web sub-committee members,

The OASIS DITA for the Web Subcommittee formed in September, 2009, with a membership of 16 people from 11 companies, with co-chairs Mark Lewis from Quark and myself, John Hunt from IBM.

We held an active agenda of meetings throughout 2010 and into the first half of 2011, on various topics of interest, including microformats, dynamic publishing, intelligent content, delivery to mobile devices, and role of DITA content on blogs and wikis.

A number of guest industry experts joined us at our bi-monthly meetings, where we shared demos and updates on topics of interest. We recorded a number of the meetings and have collected links to these and other materials on our sub-committee wiki pages. See http://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/WebSubcommittee.

We've been inactive from the second half of 2011 going into 2012.

However, recently, the DITA TC has requested the sub-committee to take up the topic of an IANA for registration of a media type for DITA (full background here: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/201110/msg00024.html).  Please stay tuned - I'll be in touch with the key players on this in the next several weeks and will schedule a set of meetings to discuss.

Thanks to all for your participation and support for the work of the DITA for Web sub-committee.


John P. Hunt
Senior Technical Content Architect
IBM Collaboration Solutions | User Experience: Design and Information Excellence
john_hunt at us.ibm.com

550 King Street
Littleton, MA 01460

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