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Subject: Triage item 13103: Deprecate Print and Provide New @props Specialization

The proposal based on the discussion on the 7 Feb TC con call is:

Deprecate @print in favor of a new @props specialization whose purpose is to
indicate what output form the element applies to as a whole, meaning that
the element either is or is not included in the output form. Typical values
would be things like "pdf", "html", "ebook", "epub", "infocenter", "iBooks
2", "pdf-for-kindle", etc. The set of allowed values would be unbounded but
the TC might provide a sample set of values defined using a subject-scheme

The name of this attribute is up for discussion. In my DITA for Publishers
implementation of this idea I use the name "renditionTarget" but Don points
out that "target" in this context could be confused with @target in HTML,
which indicates the specific display context for the content.

So maybe something like "outputType"?

Implementation would require:

1. Definition of a new attribute domain module defining this attribute and
integration of that domain with the base document type shells and addition
of the attribute to the documentation for the current set of selection

2. Definition of one or more subject schemes defining a starter set of
values to foster smooth interoperation, one of which should be "print",
corresponding to the current semantics of the @print attribute as much as is


Eliot Kimber
Senior Solutions Architect
"Bringing Strategy, Content, and Technology Together"
Main: 512.554.9368

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