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Subject: FW: Issues in DITA 1.2 schemas

Issues with the XSDs reported by a SDL developer …

Best regards,


Kristen James Eberlein | DITA Architect and Technical Specialist | SDL Structured Content Technologies Division | (t) + 1 (919) 682-2290| keberlein@sdl.com


22 May | Amsterdam www.sdl.com/summit2012


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From: Jan Bevers
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 7:23 AM
To: Kristen Eberlein
Subject: Issues in DITA 1.2 schemas


Hi Kristen


I found some bugs in the DITA 1.2 schemas (http://docs.oasis-open.org/dita/v1.2/os/DITA1.2-xsds.zip) while working on the Trisoft 9.2.4 patch.

I generated sample xml out of the schemas and then tried to import them validating against the DTD. This is how I found these bugs.


Issues found:

·         lcInteractionBase element

o   Child elements defined in the schemas do not match DTD/online specs

·         prelreqs and closereqs element are missing child elements

o   No child elements are defined for these elements

·         learningAssesmentBody, learningContentBody, learningPlanBody, learningOverviewBody and learningSummaryBody elements are not required

o   Not required in the schema, DTD/Online specs says it is required

·         Ditabase: glossGroup can be in glossEntry element

o   Redefinition of glossentry-info-types and glossgroup-info-types is incorrect

·         Ditabase: redefing glossGroup/glossElement is incorrect (it uses the same types as the dita element)

o   <xs:group name="glossgroup-info-types">
<xs:group ref="info-types"/>

o   Info-types is pointing to the content of the dita element. This allows elements like topic, reference... to be in the glossgroup content.

·         Ditabase: taskBody is not redefined

o   taskStep is not redefined for the taskBody element, this makes it possible to have a steps-informal element. This is not valid according DTD/online specs.

·         lcHotspotMap element contains too much attributes

o   Display-atts attribute group and spectitle attribute should be removed.

·         defaultSubject element should not have a collection-type attribute

o   Collection-type attribute should be removed.

·         abbreviated-form, longdescref should not be able to have content

o   These elements can have innertext following the schemas. Should be a self-closing element.

·         Childs/text in the element unknown should not be required

o   You cannot add an unknown element without childs or text. This should be possible following the specs.

·         lomStructure value attribute contains a restricted value “ -dita-use-conref-target”

o   The space in the value should be removed.

·         topicsubject element contains wrong definition for scope attribute

o   Element has yes/no as possible values for the scope attribute. Should be local/peer/external/-dita-use-conref-target.


Something that I found that was different between DTD/Schema and online specs:

o   lomStructure value attribute does not contain all possible values

o   lomStructure value attribute is missing "mixed", "branched" and "parceled" as possible values in the schemas/DTDs.


Missing in the DTDs:

o   Outputclass attribute is not defined for the topicapply and subjectref element.


I attached a zip file with fixes we did on the schemas.


Can you report this to the DITA OASIS committee?


Kind regards,


Jan Bevers | Developer | SDL Structured Content Technologies Division | +32 (0)15 400 970 | jbevers@sdl.com 
Description: image001

22 May | Amsterdam |  www.sdl.com/summit2012

Attachment: DITA12SchemasTrisoft.zip
Description: DITA12SchemasTrisoft.zip

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