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Subject: Proposal 13027 Allow Draft Comment Everywhere Submitted

I have submitted the proposal for 13027: allow <draft-comment> in most
places that text is allowed.

The proposal enumerates the element types that would be updated to allow

I think the only potentially contentious item is allowing <draft-comment> in
%words.cnt, which has the effect of allowing <draft-comment> in pretty much
all titles, metadata elements, and so on. This reflects the intent of
Su-Laine's original request but I can imagine there might be concerns.

My take is that the intent of the original request reflects the fact that in
many cases draft-comment is used primarily or exclusively as a tool for
authors to communicate with other authors while editing the source XML. In
that context, it makes sense to allow <draft-comment> everywhere because
it's all just XML and there shouldn't be any particular rendition concerns.
That's certainly the way I normally use <draft-comment> in my day-to-day

I included some language in the proposal about how processors that do render
draft comments could reasonably handle draft comments that occur in places
for which the typical inline rendition would not be either possible or
sensible. For example, treating draft comments as marginalia, as for
comments in MS Word.

In any case, I expect there to be some discussion on that point.



Eliot Kimber
Senior Solutions Architect, RSI Content Solutions
"Bringing Strategy, Content, and Technology Together"
Main: 512.554.9368
Book: DITA For Practitioners, from XML Press,

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