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Subject: Filtering with taxonomy relationships: new proposal for DITA 1.3

We already have a number of proposals on the books for 1.3 related to filters, including some that mention a relationship with a subjectscheme map, but none seem to make explicit the following requirement:

- a ditaval and taxonomy should be applicable together such that if the ditaval excludes a value that exists in the taxonomy, and document instances contain values that are descendants of that value in the taxonomy, then the document instances should be filtered just as if they referenced the ancestor value instead of the descendant values.


a taxonomy declares "fruit" as a parent of "apple" and "orange"
content markup has metadata for "apple, "orange"
ditaval excludes "fruit"
therefore content marked up with "apple" or "orange" should be excluded, in addition to content marked up with "fruit"

Michael Priestley, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM)
Total Information Experience (TIE) Technology Strategist

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