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Subject: Proposal #13011 from Machine Industry SC

Dear DITA-TC colleagues,

It is a pleasure to me to give you a short introduction to our Technical Data proposal.
And we hope we can vote on it to bring this proposal to stage 2 today.

The Technical Data proposal has been developed 3 years ago by the machinery industry subcommittee and contains 2 parts. A general part and a machine industry specific part.

General part:
We would like to introduce a new element to enter quantities and tolerances. A container to add values like “25.4 mm” or “87 °F” etc. This contains also the possibility for conditional publishing e.g. “SI-Value” vs. “US-Value” and the possibility to add tolerances.

As this general part is not limited to the use within machinery industry documentation, we would like to propose to add this elements into the base DITA element set.

Machinery Industry part:
In addition, we would like to introduce a Machinery Industry specific table called “Technical Data”. Which is used in several machinery industry documents. This should be part of a new mi-domain.

If we get on stage 2, we will detail the proposal. Eliot already helped us on the dtds and we can give more information at stage 2.

Best regards


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