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Subject: DITA starter sets proposal - 13051

This builds on the lightweight model being proposed in 13076.

I wanted to share my thoughts on how the lightweight model could be used to provide starting points for DITA users. One of the key developments here is the result of ongoing discussions with Information Mapping, who are now at the point of contributing their information type definitions to the DITA TC for inclusion in the lightweight proposal. The IM types correspond to section types in DITA, and so match perfectly with the lightweight model's focus on creating topic types by assembling predefined section types.

This is my first draft of the starter set topic types I hope to include as demonstrations/starting points for the lightweight model:

Basic topic types:
        lightweight topic: the basic lightweight topic with default content models - so sections, conditional attributes, list nesting enabled
        superlightweight topic: lightweight topic with all constraints applied - no list nesting, no attributes, no sections
        specialization topic: topic specifically designed for defining lightweight specializations

DITA classic topic types:
        concept, task, and reference, constrained to lightweight topic model

Information Mapping topic types:
        common topic types made up of IM section types

Building blocks (section types):
        IM section types
        DITA section types        

Michael Priestley, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM)
Total Information Experience (TIE) Technology Strategist

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