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dita message

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Subject: review of Proposal #13078


After looking at 13078, I have the following comments

table[@orient] - I also wonder if 'port' and 'land' are the right names for these attribute values.  I noticed David suggested giving the full words portrait/landscape, but there's also the fact that if a document is itself in landscape mode, either of those variants would be confusing. Maybe 'standard' or 'normal' and 'rotate'?  That would connect this with the entry/@rotate attribute as well.
Other than that, I like David's suggestion of adding the text from the original proposal back into the spec language.

entry[@rotate] - I agree with David; rather than '1' and '0', I'd prefer to use 'yes' and 'no'.   Most users are neither mathematicians nor engineers.

Thanks, Chris, for getting the implementation out.


Nancy Harrison
Infobridge Solutions 

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