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Subject: action items from 12 Feb TC meeting


To keep folks from having to wait for me to finish writing up the minutes before you get these, I'm sending out in advance the action items from yesterday's meeting.  They are as follows:

1. During the coming week,  all owners of multiple (>2) DITA 1.3 proposals will come up with a prioritized list for their individual proposals, including self-imposed constraints and deadlines, as well as dependencies on other proposals.  

2. Kris will contact all the owners of multiple proposals to go over their prioritized lists, with a goal of having these prioritized lists available for next week's TC meeting.

3. Mark Myers will communicate with Robert A wrt tooling to help us with publishing DITA documents, especially the Contains/ContainedBy content. In particular, they can discuss whether there are  existing tools - open source or not - that we could use.

 4. Interested TC members will review the current list of Stage 2/Stage 3 proposals and come up with their own prioritized lists of DITA 1.3 proposals, which they'll send to Kris and Don.

I'll get the minutes out soon.

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