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Subject: Re: [dita] Deadlines for DITA 1.3 proposals

I have added deadlines to all my proposals in Trello except those that are
awaiting vote for transition to Phase 3.

I've set the deadlines to reflect my ability to do one phase 2 proposal per
week over the coming months. I've set the deadline on all my Phase 3
proposals to April 30--because my Phase 2 proposals all include
implementations, the Phase 3 process should be mostly review, so the
challenge is to line up reviewers and get the reviewing done--it shouldn't
require significant development effort on my part.

I've pushed a few of my lowest-priority items out into June. However, I'll
be traveling in Europe most of June (family vacation then DITA NL then
Congility Conference) so I don't expect to be able to be very productive
over that time.

It's unlikely that my day-job duties will ease up sufficiently to allow me
to spend more time on DITA 1.3 between now and June.

I am currently testing the new markup for proposal 13106 (new L&T assessment
markup) in the context of some real client data and so far so good.

Of the proposals I have open, three involve the most development effort:

- 13041: Facility for cross-publication linking. I am working on
implementing a demo version for presentation at DITA NA in April. Note that
a full realization of the requirements still requires an architectural
change to allow explicit referencing of keys in other key spaces, which we
have yet to discuss in detail.

- 13120: Vocabulary for publishing process details. I'm using the work on
13041 to drive this work as well. Once I get some vocabulary worked out I'll
need help documenting the new element types.

- 13112: RelaxNG for DITA vocabulary. This requires implementing
RelaxNG-to-DITA DTD and XSD transforms. I've started working on this but if
anyone wanted to help with the coding, that would be good (XSLT). The
requirement is to be able to generate DTD and XSD vocabulary modules that
conform to the DITA coding requirements. It would be nice to have the
inverse, DTD-to-RelaxNG, but it's not a hard requirement since George Bina
has already converted all the DITA 1.2 vocabulary to RelaxNG.

We also have to work out and document the coding requirements for RelaxNG.
This shouldn't be that hard but will require a few days of thinking and
writing work. If anyone wants to take a stab at it, I'd be grateful for the

A fourth proposal, 13088, Variables Facility, will also require a lot of
documentation but the basic mechanism is currently defined in DITA for
Publishers and I think what's there is a pretty solid starting point. This
is a proposal that could be withdrawn for 1.3 if we run out of time since
the facility exists in D4P and doesn't require any architectural changes. If
someone wanted to take a stab at adapting the current D4P materials into a
proposal that would be great. I think the mechanism as I've defined and
documented it is clear enough that shouldn't require my direct involvement.
In addition, it could benefit from having other people think about the
solution since what's there reflects only my thoughts and experiments to

Likewise, proposal 13032, Publication Map Domain, is mostly a documentation
task and is one that could be withdrawn if necessary. I'd like to have it in
1.3 to offer a general alternative to BookMap, but it also represents a lot
of documentation time.



On 2/25/13 12:37 PM, "Kristen James Eberlein" <kris@eberleinconsulting.com>

>    We now have deadlines assigned for 19 out of 53 stage-2 and stage-3
> proposals. I want to thank folks for stepping up to the table and assigning
> deadlines to their proposals.
>  I have not yet reached out to people with a single proposal to ask for
> deadlines; I'll be doing so this week.
>  Eliot, you are the only person with multiple proposals (24) who has not yet
> provided me with deadline information. Please do so ASAP.
>  Proposal # Owner Description Stage Current deadline
>  13056 Anderson Expand syntax for filtering attributes 2 28-Feb-13
>  13107 Nitchie Refine rules for determining default values for scope, format,
> & type attributes 2 5-Mar-13
>  13089 Mark Meyers Storage of learning objects as separate files 2 8-Mar-13
>  13115 Anderson Make DITAVAL filtering aware of subjectScheme 2 8-Mar-13
>  13079 Anderson Update keyref definition to make distinctions between elements
> 2 15-Mar-13  
>  13085 Anderson Accessible summary for table and simpletable 2 15-Mar-13
>  13121 Priestley Reuse a structural specialization as a domain 2 15-Mar-13
>  13035 Eberlein XML mention domain 2 22-Mar-13
>  13090 Nitchie Change @style attribute in DITAVAL files to NMTOKENS 2
> 26-Mar-13  
>  13086 TechComm SC Add troubleshooting element to <step> 3 29-Mar-13
>  13096 TechComm SC Add troubleshooting section to <task> 3 29-Mar-13
>  13098 TechComm SC Add new troubleshooting value to @type attribute for <note>
> 3 29-Mar-13  
>  13001 Helfinstine Same topic URI reference syntax 3 31-Mar-13
>  13059a Anderson Ability to filter within a branch of content 2 31-Mar-13
>  13040 Helfinstine Intersection of filtering & metadata elements 2 23-Apr-13
>  13007 Anderson New values for @toc attribute 2 30-Apr-13
>  13059 Anderson New mechanism to override default cascading rule for metadata
> 2 30-Apr-13  
>  13108 Priestley Add <title> to <topicref> 2 1-Jun-13
>  13051 Priestley Light-weight DITA 2 15-Jun-13

Eliot Kimber
Senior Solutions Architect, RSI Content Solutions
"Bringing Strategy, Content, and Technology Together"
Main: 512.554.9368
Book: DITA For Practitioners, from XML Press,

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