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dita message

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Subject: glossref not possible with classifyMap.dtd

Hi Folks


I am trying to classify a couple topics in subject as well as use a glossref.


The classifyMap.dtd does not seem to support glossref.  Any reason why this is so.

Shown below is a topicsubject from classifyMap.dtd, however the glossref has to be commented out as it will not validate.


<!DOCTYPE map PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DITA Classification Map//EN" "classifyMap.dtd">


        <topicref href="/Content/Z_old_Get_voicemail_xi28935.xml" class="- map/topicref ">
<subjectref keyref="SD_PhoneFeatures"/>
<subjectref keyref="SD_VoiceMail"/>
<topichead navtitle="Glossary" class="+ map/topicref mapgroup-d/topichead ">
        <glossref href="" keys="GE_VoiceMail" linking="none"
            toc="no" print="no" search="no" class="+ map/topicref glossref-d/glossref "/>

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